Table between churches

Peace Dialogue for the public and delegates

Between the two churches a long line of tables will be erected, with tables to the left and right where local Lindauers and international guests will sit and eat together.

Since sharing is a central concept in many religions, every Lindauer and every guest from the local region should bring something to eat. The food will be lined up in the middle so that everyone can help themselves. Each person should bring enough to feed up to five people. Fingerfood would be ideal, while salads are also welcome. Due to dietary restrictions in several religions, cooks should refrain from using pork. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are equally appreciated.

Everyone is invited, regardless of their own faith, so long as they are interested in dialogue between religions and cultures.


7 pm
Wednesday, 21 August

Kirchplatz, 88131 Lindau (Bodensee), Germany

Ring for Peace Ceremony

Table between churches

Lightning talks