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Lindau dates back to the 9th century. Its beautiful, historic city core remains well preserved. Lindau and Lake Constance are situated at the heart of Europe and are surrounded by nature, offering an ideal location for the Assembly. Lake Constance connects the three countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The city of Lindau is an island within the lake, making it a peaceful and “neutral” zone. Lindau has become well known for hosting the annual international Nobel Laureate meetings.

Lindau Island contains the historic district of Bavaria, making its it a central tourist destination. It is among the most popular travel destinations on Lake Constance and holds several famous landmarks, including the harbor entrance, marked by a large lion and lighthouse. Outside of the tourist season, Lindau’s population is just under 25,000 inhabitants.

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Lake Constance

International Waters

At close to 540 square kilometers, Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany and one of the largest in Central Europe. 173 kilometers of Lake Constance’s shores are within Germany; 28 kilometers are in Austria and the final 72 kilometers are in Switzerland. The lake’s German shore predominantly lies in Baden-Württemberg, while only 18 kilometers are located in Bavaria, more precisely in the district of Lindau, Swabia.

At its broadest point, Lake Constance measures 14 kilometers across and reaches 254 meters deep. Lindau is one of the lake’s eleven islands.

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The ‘Inselhalle’ in Lindau is newly renovated, updated and was generously expanded in 2018. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offers flexible room arrangement opportunities. The ‘Inselhalle’ is conveniently located centrally on the island of Lindau. A multi-storey car park and other conference venues such as the Gewölbesaal, Altes Rathaus and two churches, are immediately adjacent and can be easily reached on foot.
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