Youth Pre-Assembly

Giving Strength to Young People

On the day preceding the main Assembly, approximately 100 young leaders of faith from six regional networks gather at the Religions for Peace Youth Pre-Assembly.

Young people are an essential component of the Religions for Peace network as they bring energy, ingenuity and innovation to the entire movement. Religions for Peace’s Global Interfaith Youth Network (Religions for Peace-GIYN) harnesses the energy and commitment of religious youth leaders around the world to advance its mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace. Religions for Peace-GIYN builds strategic partnerships with governmental and civil society organizations, implements international action campaigns and facilitates youth involvement in global peace initiatives.

The Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly presents an opportunity for these young leaders, representing the world’s religious traditions, to consider the unique role of youth in overcoming global challenges and to develop a plan for youth-led, multi-religious action for Shared Well-Being in their respective regions and beyond.

The Youth Pre-Assembly, through its cross-cultural and multi-religious working sessions, enables young leaders from different religions to build local, national and regional networks in order to transform conflict, promote just and harmonious societies, foster integral human development and protect the Earth.

The Youth Pre-Assembly takes place on Monday, 19 August 2019.

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