10th World Assembly

Women’s Pre-Assembly

Women's Pre-Assembly


On the day preceding the main Assembly, women of faith representing the world’s religious traditions gathered at the Religions for Peace Women’s Pre-Assembly.

This event provided a crucial platform for reflection, discussion and mobilization regarding the role of religious women in multi-religious cooperation. The Women’s Pre-Assembly was an ideal opportunity to build and strengthen national, regional and global women of faith networks to transform conflict, build peace and advance sustainable development.

Following the welcoming and opening remarks, a select group from each of the six regional inter-religious councils presented on their Regional Consultations, held in preparation for the 10th World Assembly. Working groups on the key areas of Religions for Peace’s mission provoked discussion, built consensus and inspired action. The Women’s Pre-Assembly and World Assembly were the ideal opportunities to strengthen the global women of faith network by providing practical support in organizing women’s networks, equipping them for action and mainstreaming women into the leadership of inter-religious bodies. Well-known women leaders from religion, government, international organizations and civil society joined as panelists during the plenary sessions.

The Religions for Peace Women’s Pre-Assembly also seeked to forge partnerships among religious communities and representatives of inter-governmental organizations and civil society. Finally, the delegates of the Assembly will nominate and elect the new members of the International Women’s Coordinating Committee (IWCC), the body that guides Religions for Peace’s Women’s Mobilization Program.

The Women’s Pre-Assembly took place on Monday, 19 August 2019. You can find the program details here.

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Key Topics

The delegates of the 10th World Assembly dealt with the following topics: Potential – Effective action, together against radicalization and escalation; Climate change – an existential issue; Religions as “Trustees of Knowledge” against Fake News.


Facts and Figures

What is Religions for Peace? Where is Religions for Peace located? Who is behind it and what goals does Religions for Peace pursue? What are the World Assemblies, how often do they take place and who is invited to them. Everything you want to know about the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace can be found here.


Women’s Pre-Assembly

One day before the start of the general assembly, representatives of the world religions met for the Religions for Peace women preliminary assembly. This event offered a crucial platform for reflection, discussion and mobilization with regard to the role of women in interfaith cooperation.


Youth Pre-Assembly

One day before the start of the general assembly, around 100 leading youth representatives of the religions from six regional networks met for the youth pre-assembly. Young people are an essential part of the Religions for Peace network. They bring energy, innovation and ingenuity to the movement.



50 years ago, representatives of various denominations founded Religions for Peace. Their goal: to create peace across all confessional borders. A look back shows how much the challenges have changed since then.