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International Day against Violence against Women – How Ring for Peace is involved

Today, November 25th, the world commemorates discrimination and violence against women and girls. The Lindauer Stiftung Friedensdialog der Weltreligionen und Zivilgesellschaft, Ring for Peace, is permanently launching very concrete projects to remedy this situation. Learn more about the ongoing efforts of our foundation.


Interview with Gunnar Stålsett

The ecumenical unity of the churches depends in particular on the question of the extent to which women and men are equal, explains former Bishop Gunnar Stålsett. Stålsett believes that for women in the Orthodox Church to have more rights, a religious leader is needed who is willing to risk his own future for the future of the Church.


Interview with Azza Karam

Learn why Prof. Azza Karam thinks that it is inevitable for the UN to work with religious leaders and movements.


Interview with Margrit Wettstein

“All the women here have done something about it, something that has made a difference”, says Margritt Wettstein in an interview with Ring for Peace magazine.


Interview with Margot Käßmann

“Real encounters are often a mutual encouragement”, says Margot Käßmann in our interview with Ring for Peace magazine.


Magazine Issue 1: Interview with Annette Schavan

“Strengthen the commitment of women at all levels”, says Annette Schavan in our first Interview of Ring for Peace Magazine.


Cooperation with UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Religions for Peace announced a commitment to form a Multi-Religious Council of Leaders to strengthen efforts to address the root causes of conflict and displacement and to support peacebuilding, inclusion and reconciliation efforts.


The Foundation

The Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society was founded in 2018 in Lindau, Germany by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang and Monika Schürer. The Foundationʼs aim is to foster the peaceful coexistence between people and religions within Germany and Europe, to strengthen international understanding and cooperation, and to promote the dialogue between the generations and nations.


Ring for Peace – The Sculpture

The Berlin wood sculptor Gisbert Baarmann designed the 7.5-meter high wooden ring in the form of a Moebius strip. It is made of larch wood and the 36 kinds of wood used come from all over the world and from certified cultivation.
The sculpture was erected in August 2019 in the Lindau Luitpoldpark directly on the shore of Lake Constance. The ring is now permanently located there and will be available for future multi-religious ceremonies and meetings in Lindau. The Ring is a gift of the Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society to the city of Lindau.