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Education Project

Interreligious peace dialogue in Schools

Based on the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace, Ring for Peace together with Religions for Peace would like to launch an international student-education project on the topic of peace responsibility and interreligious peace dialogue.

Citizens can be motivated to take responsibility for the common good. This was demonstrated not least by the great response to the forms of participation offered to the population at the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace. With a view to the future of all of us, Ring for Peace focuses on children and young people in this project approach. For them the interreligious peace dialogue should be made tangible and tangible, with authentic personalities who would come in person to the schools for talks and workshops.

„If we really want to achieve peace in the world in the future, we should start with the education of our children.”

Ela Gandhi, Co-President of Religions for Peace

Young people are able and willing to get involved in their environment. Inner attitudes do not develop in people overnight, they are shaped by education, cultural environment, own experiences, successes and disappointments, role models and inspirations. With an approach of project-based learning, pupils could experience role models in interdisciplinary lessons who are committed to tolerance and peaceful coexistence and experience the possibilities with which they can become effective in the context of interreligious peace dialogue, i.e. literally experience self-efficacy.

Together with the Eugen Biser Foundation, Ring for Peace would like to develop, test and refine such an educational approach for schools in cooperation with experts in the field. After a pilot phase in Bavaria, the aim is to gradually expand the educational project – nationally and internationally.

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