Our Projects

Overview projects

What projects is Ring for Peace working on? In 2019 we organized the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau. In November 2020 it was the 1st Assembly on Women, Faith & Diplomacy: Keeping Faith, Transforming Tomorrow. In 2021 the Conference of the World Council of Religious Leaders on Faith and Diplomacy: Generations in Dialogue. Find out more about our ongoing projects here.

Our Projects

1. Assembly on Women, Faith & Diplomacy

KEEPING FAITH, TRANSFORMING TOMORROW – The role of women as religious leaders and diplomats in peace matters was highlighted at the meeting in November 2020.


10th World Assembly

CARING FOR OUR COMMON FUTURE – 900 participants from various religious communities from over 100 countries came together in Lindau in 2019 to hold inter-religious peace talks.



An ongoing project is the development and testing of an easy-to-use DNA-Kit. With this Kit, survivors of sexual violence can themselves collect high quality forensic evidence from their abuser providing a pathway to access justice.


Generations in Dialogue

“Conference of the World Council of Religious Leaders on Faith and Diplomacy” –The World Council of Religions for Peace will meet October 4 – 7 and invites generations to discuss the topics Peace and Security, Environment and Humanitarianism.