28.02.2022 | New York
Concept Paper: Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Future

Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, presented this concept paper at Conference of World Council of Religious Leaders on Faith and Diplomacy: Generations in Dialogue.

10.01.2022 | Lindau / International
#generationsindialogue: The complete documentation in written, visual and audio

To recap the conference, it is not necessary to watch the complete conference again. It can be done faster: with the official multimedia documentation.

15.09.2021 | Full Program of "Generations in Dialogue"
Full Program of “Generations in Dialogue”

Conference of the World Council of Religious Leaders on Faith and Diplomacy

27.07.2021 | Lindau
Book documentation “10+1”

Meaning and purpose of interreligious conferences: The book documentation "10+1" illustrates on 187 pages background and results of the two world assemblies in Lindau, Germany.

21.10.2020 | International
Ring for Peace Magazine Issue 1: Transforming Tomorrow

Every week, there's a new interview conducted by Alexander Görlach talking about female leadership in religion.

Workbook 10th World Assembly 2019

All methods and analytics the participants of the 10th World Assembly will be working on you will find in this 147 pages strong work book.

20.08.2019 | International
Handbook of 10th World Assembly 2019

All you need to know about 10th World Assembly 2019 you will find in the 89 pages of this handbook.