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25.11.2020 | International
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: Help for Rape Victims worldwide – steered by Lindau

Today, November 25th, the world commemorates discrimination and violence against women and girls. The Lindauer Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society, Ring for Peace, is permanently launching very concrete projects to remedy this situation

13.11.2020 | Lindau
Female Religious Leaders push for Environmental Protection

The connection between humans and the environment plays a major role in interreligious dialogue, and becomes especially evident considering that the canons of all world religions agree that nature must be protected.

13.11.2020 | Lindau / International
Religiously motivated hatred must be countered with diplomacy

High participation in virtual Religions for Peace conference: more than 1,500 daily livestream participants / tens of thousands reached via social channels – Focus on women and diplomacy – Covid-19 requires more dialogue with religious leaders

12.11.2020 | Lindau
Women Engagement: Help for Beirut, refugees and against racism

To develop strategies for prevention and help, it needs diplomatic experience, empathy and sensitivity in both politics and religion.

11.11.2020 | International
Recognizing Hate Speech – Overcoming Terrorism

A series of terrorist attacks is shaking people in Europe and around the world. Near Paris a teacher's head is cut off, in Nice three people are stabbed to death, in Vienna four people are shot and 23 are injured. The perpetrators were driven by religiously moFvated hatred.

10.11.2020 | International
A Protection For Women From Sexual Violence

Millions of women survive sexual violence every year. In many places, the political and legal infrastructure to identify and hold perpetrators accountable does not exist - but a simple DNA kit can change this.

10.11.2020 | International
Chancellor Merkel opens 1st Assembly on Women, Faith & Diplomacy with welcoming message

For four days, representatives of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions will speak virtually about new forms of policy-making – with a focus on women and diplomacy

06.11.2020 | Lindau / International
A candle in the window as a peace sign for the world

Religions for Peace from New York and the Lindau Foundation for Peace Dialogue of World Religions and Civil Society, Ring for Peace, invite the people of Lindau to set a sign for peace with a candle in the window.

29.10.2020 | International
Fact sheet: 1st Assembly on Women, Faith & Diplomacy

Women of Faith: The Hidden Leaders Our World Needs. A New Model of Diplomacy.