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09.10.2020 | Lindau
common future – peace dialogues lindau

Das digitale Magazin von Ring for Peace mit erster Ausgabe online

09.04.2020 | New York/Lindau
Now more than ever we stand together – Statement by the European Council of Religious Leaders on Coronavirus Pandemic Covid-19.

Statement by the European Council of Religious Leaders on Coronavirus Pandemic

11.12.2019 | New York City, USA
Peace goals for the next five years – Hundreds of Religious Leaders Gather to Set Global Peace Priorities

Religions for Peace, the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious peacebuilding coalition, is convening hundreds of religious leaders, practitioners, scholars, government agencies and foundations in New York City on 11 December to co-develop global peacebuilding priorities for the next five years.

11.12.2019 | New York City, USA
The Arc of Justice: The World’s Religions Launch Strategic Priorities for Peace

As a growing public health crisis becomes increasingly urgent, prominent global actors and institutions, including the United Nations, are confronted by the realisation that all hands on deck are required to address the cross-cutting challenges faced by our world today. Another public health epidemic is but one of the major global challenges demanding coordinated and effective responses from diverse institutions, and civil society networks.

30.08.2019 | Leicester/Lindau
New DNA evidence kit for victims of rape helps preserve evidence in low-resource settings

Gender-based violence is part of everyday life for many women and one of the biggest humanitarian issues world-wide. However, far too many incidents have no consequences and gathering evidence in cases of sexual violence is often difficult. In order to identify and prosecute perpetrators it is crucial to collect forensic evidence such as DNA. For many women who cannot access a medical examination after a rape there is now hope.

24.08.2019 | Lindau
Declaration of the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace

We – 900 women, men, and youth – have gathered in Lindau, Germany, coming from 125 countries for the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace. We are grateful for 49 years of determined focus on building peace and on speaking for those most in need. We are an alliance of care, of compassion, of love. We represent a far greater, ever growing, and ever-radiating alliance of “common action” that Religions for Peace gladly serves.

23.08.2019 | Lindau
Religions agree: Destruction of rainforests must stop

Fourth day: Pressure is rising due to Amazon forest fires: Topics: First female General Secretary of Religions for Peace officially takes office - Results of Track II Peace Consultations - Closing Ceremony .

22.08.2019 | Lindau
Religious leaders, including Hon. Ela Gandhi, lead efforts to overcome violence against women

Third day of the Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly: Advocacy for just and harmonious societies – Consultation process in the Uganda conflict – In the afternoon: workshops, short interactive presentations (Lightning Talks) and meetings of religious representatives with international diplomats.

21.08.2019 | Lindau
Great potential: Women as peacemakers

Second day of the Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly: Religious representatives from MENA-Region (Middle East and North Africa) discuss the role of women in the global dialogue for peace – In the evening: Outdoor multi-religious meal shared among delegates and citizens of Lindau.