02.12.2020 | International
Difficult Path to Peace

Nigeria. Islamists from Boko Haram terrorize the West African country and stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims. Courageous women around the religious sister Agatha Chikelue oppose this. They try to mediate. (Article in German)

25.11.2020 | International
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: Help for Rape Victims worldwide – steered by Lindau

Today, November 25th, the world commemorates discrimination and violence against women and girls. The Lindauer Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society, Ring for Peace, is permanently launching very concrete projects to remedy this situation

19.11.2020 | National
The Power of Religions

At the invitation of "Religions for Peace", more than 1,500 participants discussed daily from 10-13 November 2020 how religious communities, and especially women, can become even more committed to gender justice, changed leadership behavior, value-based education and upbringing, the fight against hate speech, and environmental and climate protection. (Article in German)


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