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05.01.2020 | National
Faith Matters – Women as Peacemakers – 50 Years of Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace (RfP) is an association of representatives of various religions in over 100 countries. The independent organization sees itself as a mediator in religious conflicts worldwide. In 2020 RfP will be 50 years old. Only now is the commitment of women noticed, their commitment to equal rights recognized and occasionally they also hold top positions.

11.10.2019 | International
Ring for Peace is supposed to protect religious sites

This was already an issue at the UN General Assembly at the end of September. After the attack in Halle, even more urgency is required.

01.09.2019 | International
Religions as Peacemakers?

Colorful summit meeting on Lake Constance: 900 delegates from all over the world came to Lindau in southern Bavaria on Lake Constance in traditional clothing. See video.

28.08.2019 | National
To Peace one can convert

How do you do this? The religious leaders discussed this at the world meeting of Religions for Peace in Lindau. They agreed on the protection of holy places and mor

26.08.2019 | International
Interfaith group pledges to use religion’s influence to address climate change, poverty

The international interfaith organization Religions for Peace introduced its first-ever female and first-ever Muslim secretary-general at its World Assembly on Friday (Aug. 23) and unveiled a joint declaration in which attendees vowed to join forces to confront an array of the world’s most difficult problems.

25.08.2019 | National
Atrocities in the name of religion: How the world could become a better place

The honorary president of Religions for Peace pointed out, Religious values also include "solidarity, equality, justice and human dignity". (Article in German)

25.08.2019 | International
Egyptian woman chosen as Religions for Peace secretary general

The Religions for Peace (RfP) conference in Lindau, Germany concluded on Friday with Egyptian university professor and UN advisor Azza Karam elected to head the organization – assuming her duties as secretary general of the RfP conference.

24.08.2019 | International
World Alliance of Religions for Peace elects KAICIID chief as honorary president

The announcement was made at the 10th International Conference of the Religions for Peace General Assembly in Lindau, Germany, from 20-23 August 2019.

23.08.2019 | National
Religions for Peace: Young, female, orthodox

She is one of the first women who successfully fought to be ordained a rabbi in Israel as an Orthodox Jew. But Rachel Rosenbluth wants to achieve even more.