Media Coverage

19.11.2020 | National
The Power of Religions

At the invitation of "Religions for Peace", more than 1,500 participants discussed daily from 10-13 November 2020 how religious communities, and especially women, can become even more committed to gender justice, changed leadership behavior, value-based education and upbringing, the fight against hate speech, and environmental and climate protection. (Article in German)

14.11.2020 | National
Virtual Conference Sets New Standards

600 had registered, in the end 1500 people attended the conference. (Article in English)

12.11.2020 | National
Religions should build bridges. (Article in German)

It is an unusual conference in Lindau: Representatives of religion from numerous countries speak for four days about women and faith. And they push for women to play their own role as mediators in conflicts.

12.11.2020 | National –
Digital Conference of the World Religions: How it works. (TV-Broadcast in German)

There has probably never been anything like this before: a conference with more than 600 participants who meet digitally from all over the world - the talk is of the Conference of World Religions, Religions for Peace. This is necessary because of Corona. And the headquarters is located in the Lindauer Inselhalle. We took a look at how it works.

11.11.2020 | Lindau / International
The Peace Conference opens up new territory for Lindau

Well over a hundred people work in the Inselhalle, in Berlin and New York for 600 participants around the world. (Article in German)

10.11.2020 | International
Germany: The 1st Assembly on Women of Religions for Peace opens today in Lindau.

The 1st Assembly on "Women, Faith and Diplomacy: keeping faith, transforming tomorrow" promoted by Religions for Peace in collaboration with the Foundation "Ring for Peace" opens today in Lindau. (Article in Italian)

10.11.2020 | International
Women can manage crises better

Often it is faith communities that organize help and approach people in crises. In our particular times of crisis, the religious associations must work together. Women are particularly important in this respect. (Article in German)

10.11.2020 | International
“Religion is undervalued”

Azza Karam, General Secretary of the "Religions for Peace" network demonstrates her commitment to fostering understanding - even in times of the Corona pandemic. (Article in German and video in English.)

10.11.2020 | National
“Faith is boundless”

Religions for Peace: Minister of State Michelle Müntefering on the special role of women. (Article in German)