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02.12.2020 | International
Difficult Path to Peace

Nigeria. Islamists from Boko Haram terrorize the West African country and stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims. Courageous women around the religious sister Agatha Chikelue oppose this. They try to mediate. (Article in German)

19.11.2020 | National
The Power of Religions

At the invitation of "Religions for Peace", more than 1,500 participants discussed daily from 10-13 November 2020 how religious communities, and especially women, can become even more committed to gender justice, changed leadership behavior, value-based education and upbringing, the fight against hate speech, and environmental and climate protection. (Article in German)

14.11.2020 | National
Virtual Conference Sets New Standards

600 had registered, in the end 1500 people attended the conference. (Article in English)

13.11.2020 | International
Assaults in Paris on November 13: one cannot give in to fear. (Article in Italian)

Five years ago the massacre in the French capital at Batacalan and the Stade de France: still today France and Europe seek solutions against jihadist terrorism. But the answer cannot be closures and nationalisms, explains, to our microphones, Azza Karam, secretary general of Religions for Peace, protagonist in these days of the first International Assembly online on Women, Faith and Diplomacy.

13.11.2020 | International
Breaking the silence, giving women the opportunity to create peace. (Article in Indonesian)

Women play an important role in building peace, promoting human development and upholding and protecting human rights.

13.11.2020 | New Delhi / International
Guterres stress on necessity of having women in peace-building.

Political and institutional leaders from across the world spoke about their own faiths and openly pointed to the myriad ways religion has failed to promote peace, at the first Online Assembly on Women, Faith, and Diplomacy being held in Lindau, Germany from November 10 to 13.

12.11.2020 | National
Religions should build bridges. (Article in German)

It is an unusual conference in Lindau: Representatives of religion from numerous countries speak for four days about women and faith. And they push for women to play their own role as mediators in conflicts.

12.11.2020 | National
Social cohesion comes first. (Article in German)

What do religions have to do with Corona? A lot, according to five speakers at the Religions-for-Peace-Conference. Why social cohesion is more important than ever in the crisis.

12.11.2020 | National
Against ignorance and hate speech: More commitment against anti-Semitism. (Article in German)

According to Rabbi David Rosen from Israel and the Nigerian Cardinal John Onaiyekan, education is an essential field in the fight against hate speech. For example, stereotypical representations must disappear from textbooks, said Archbishop Emeritus Onaiyekan from the capital Abuja on Wednesday in Lindau.