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We are pleased with the great response and provide a selection of the coverage here.

20.03.2022 | Deutschland
Reconcilers or Warmongers: On the Peace Potential of Religions

Author Moritz Findeisen uses the current war in Ukraine to discuss the extent to which religions are more likely to bring peace or fuel conflict.

07.10.2021 | International
Pandemic illustrates global and ecumenical interdependence, Welby declares

Read here some quotes from different speakers of the conference about the importance of interfaith collaboration.

07.10.2021 | Haiti / International
Haiti’s diverse faiths bolster it against waves of tragedy

“Our faith has taught us to never give up. It gives us the strength to persevere". Reverend Celement Joseph talks about the current situation in Haiti, a country struggling with multidimensional crises.

06.10.2021 | International
WCC acting general secretary reflects on faith and diplomacy at Religions for Peace conference

The World Council of Churches acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca sent a greeting to Germany for the participants of the conference. Click here to see his video message!

06.10.2021 | USA / International
Religions for Peace made history with its new leader. Then came historic challenges.

Thrilling Interview with Azza Karam. She is talking about the pandemic, the current situation in Afghanistan and much more. Click here to read the full interview!

05.10.2021 | Egypt / International
‘Vaccines must be shared fairly world-wide’: International Conference on Religions for Peace Leaders

The Egyptian press also reports. Read the Egypt Independent article to learn more about why fair vaccine distribution was also an important issue for religious leaders yesterday.

05.10.2021 | International
Q&A: Can faith engagement help prevent Afghanistan’s collapse?

An interesting and thrilling interview with Azza Karam, Secretary General of Religions for Peace, about the current situation in Afghanistan, the contribution faith leaders can make there, and religious civil society communities. “We cannot afford to keep our resistance siloed".

05.10.2021 | International
Hybrid Religions for Peace conference takes focus on climate, conflict, coronavirus

The peace conference in Lindau is also being covered in the USA. Read about the opening day in the Washington post. Topics: climate, conflict, coronavirus - and the role religions can play in this.

02.12.2020 | International
Difficult Path to Peace

Nigeria. Islamists from Boko Haram terrorize the West African country and stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims. Courageous women around the religious sister Agatha Chikelue oppose this. They try to mediate. (Article in German)