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/ 01 | Intergenerational Dialogue on Environment

An interview by Agathe Sagne 07|15|2021

Intergenerational Dialogue on Environment

Ela Gandhi, Chair of the Gandhi Development Trust and Co-President of Religions for Peace, and Eda Molla Chousein, Program Coordinator of the Interfaith Youth Network, Religions for Peace in England were the first two guests at the Dialogue of Generations. In this Facebook live interview, they shared how different and how similar their two generations think about the issue of environmental protection.

The conversation was conducted by Agathe Sagne of the Religions for Peace Youth Media Team.

How do you feel about the future? Are you confident or do you have doubts?

“I feel insecure when I think as an individual,” Eda Molla Chousein responds to the first question, “I also feel secure when I think as a collective.” When she looks at how young people would come together as a community to stand up for the same cause, she says, it makes her feel confident.

For Ela Gandhi, it sounds similar: “I’m very confident about the new generation of young people. When we look at people like Greta and others who have spoken out on the issues that we’re concerned about. I think that’s what we need.”

In the 45-minute conversation between the young and old generation, you will learn why Ela Gandhi believes that science cannot exist without faith and faith cannot exist without science. It is necessary to balance the two with each other.

In addition, the two talk to each other about whether and what the younger generation can learn from the old. Ela Gandhi is also of the opinion that the old generation can – and must – learn something from the younger generation.

One of the central questions is: In view of climate change, the effects of which will affect the younger generation more than the old, who should take the lead in this matter? On this central question, both generations have an almost identical expectation.

„I think this dialogue helps me to understand young people better. Because you bring a lot to the table, a lot of new ideas, a lot of new thoughts, a lot of enthusiasm and spirit. This is good to know, good to see and good to learn from. So thank you.”

Ela Gandhi

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Peace Dialogues on Faith and Diplomacy

We would also like to know what you think about it? Are you more confident or more pessimistic about the future – in terms of environmental protection? Share your thoughts with us. And do so in our new Facebook group: “Peace Dialogues on Faith and Diplomacy


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