©Chr. Flemming

Ring for Peace

An Multi-Religious Symbol of Peace

The Ring for Peace sheds light on the guiding theme of the 10th World Assembly and is introduced as a permanent symbol of peace between the religions. The ring stands as a connecting element, which is not fixed to one religion or excludes another. In many world religions, the ring symbolizes loyalty, truthfulness and honesty. The Buddhist Wheel of Life, the signet ring of the Prophet Mohammed in Islam, the Ring of Solomon in Judaism or Lessing’s Ring Parable, are only a few examples.

As a “round whole”, equal and absolute in itself, the ring symbolizes the complementary and mutually completing nature of world religions, whose unity embodies the entirety of the consciousness.


Ring for Peace

A Permanent Symbol​

In the preparation of the 10th World Conference, a large wooden sculpture in the form of a ring will be positioned in Lindau. This ring should stand as a permanent symbol for peace. The Ring for Peace project is supported by the Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society and together we want to advance the peace dialogue.

To mark the opening of the World Assembly, an multi-religious and spiritual ceremony with all delegates and many guests will take place on 21 August in Lindau at the Ring for Peace on the island in Luitpold Park. From here, a greeting of peace from each religion will be sent around the world.

©Katrin Streicher