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Mission Peace

We, that is the Foundation Peace Dialogue of World Religions and Civil Society in Lindau – or Ring for Peace for short – and the non-governmental organization Religions for Peace, whose headquarters are in New York. Religions for Peace is an NGO officially recognized by the United Nations.

The Lindau Foundation and the global network of Religions for Peace pursue the same goal: to promote the peaceful coexistence of people and religions around the world.

To achieve this, the Ring for Peace Foundation and Religions for Peace jointly organize international gatherings at which high-ranking religious representatives from all over the world come together for discussions. At these gatherings, such as the 10th World Assembly in 2019 and the 1st Assembly on Women, Faith and Diplomacy in 2020, different religions and different cultures meet, as well as different generations. Through dialogue, they will find out what they and their faith communities can contribute to promote and sustain global peace, environmental protection and equality.

Learn more about the Foundation Peace Dialogue and about the multi-religious peace movement Religions for Peace.

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